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PowerBeatsVR is a high-intensity VR fitness game where you box, dodge, and squat to the rhythm of adrenaline-pumping music. Professionally designed workouts with leaderboards, an auto-generator for your own music, playlists for tailored sessions, an easy-to-use editor, various playstyles and fitness statistics as well as calorie tracking and support for heart rate monitors: Everything you need for endless hours of engaging and rewarding exercise.
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Suitable for anyone who wants to get an incredible home workout on PCVR or Oculus Quest (soon-to-be Meta Quest) and for any type of player and fitness level.

Get ready to burn some calories, have fun, and experience a whole new level of motivation!

This is by far the highest intensity, sick beats, most enjoyable fitness app I have found on the Oculus Quest. This gives me everything Supernatural doesn’t offer and everything that I’m looking for.

Curtis D.

I love this game. I played Supernatural for the longest time and got bored of the same targets all the time. This is so much better, being a game where you can load your own songs, and advance to other levels to get items. The autogenerate, with slider controls for how many targets, wall, and spikey things works fantastic. 

Zygmunt Z.

Getting motivated to go to the gym was always hard for me. But PowerBeatsVR has helped me reach a weight I never thought I’d reach!


I love this game. I am still on the first level, but man, it works you out!

Chris R.

…Incredible workout! …PowerBeatsVR makes itself a standout with its amazing workout capability.”


VR Fitness Insider

Best game on Quest 2 for a great workout, in my humble opinion. No subscription required. It is amazing because I can add my own songs too! Great bang for your buck!!

Hope W.

I wished I knew this app long ago, it’s the most amazing workout app yet! I really appreciate your work.

Kristina L.

…PowerBeats VR is one of the most intense workouts that players can experience in virtual reality…

VR Fitness Insider

Holy crap Powerbeats VR burns calories!



Loved it and streamed it as well! Much needed custom songs! Expert mode is awesome! 18 minutes, 108 calories as per Apple Watch, and sweated all over. Great workout game.

Manjunath J.

Wow I really like it. Maybe the best fitness game I tried (And I tried a lot, better workout than Beat Saber, Creed, the Thrill of the Fight and 10 more…), big workout and music is good!!


My wife: I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen you move.

Me: Playing PowerbeatsVR “F******K!”

Gaurdian Shot

…One of the most intense offerings in virtual reality, PowerBeats VR is a great boxing game…

VR Fitness Insider

…This game is simply amazing. I’ve tried a fair few fitness games and this one has burned the most calories and gave me my highest average heart rate. I burned 913 calories in 80 mins!…


…It helped me lose weight during this year, hopefully it can help you as well…


…“Virtually” the hardest workout I have ever done! PowerBeatsVR is an awesome rhythm-based VR fitness game…
Youtube Video



If you use VR for fitness, this is an incredible app. It seamlessly incorporates your own music for an unforgettable, invigorating workout. Unlike the plank, time flies whilst playing this game. It’s a low impact, full body cardio session.


…So overall this is one of, if not the best fitness game for VR if your are really looking to lose weight and get fitter …
Youtube Video



I now use this game in my daily (well, almost daily) workout routine. Love it.


…Very intense and fun workout for arms and legs, love the new auto-generator…


…Very intense and fun workout for arms and legs, love the new auto-generator…


…I play Beat Saber for fitness and BoxVR. I consider myself in good shape, run 20 miles a week sort of stuff. This game broke me off. Big thumbs up for the room space utilization…


… 20 minutes in this was a WAY better workout than other fitness games I’ve tried (or other rhythm action games)…

p. Grumbly

…Fun and a good work out. I had my HR in 130-140 bpm range playing maps on the advanced setting. I have Beat Saber and Synth Riders, which are fun but if you miss a hit the game ends. Powerbeats keeps on going so you can keep the HR up. Definitely better for exercise with that and the HR integration…


… I love this game. It is a great workout. And i love that you can use your own music. You don’t even realize you are playing for very long. Then your leg muscles start to burn…


…A lot more fitness than BoxVR for example…


…All I can say is, for me, it’s hands down the best fitness VR game out right now. This game actually makes you move and use your space…


…Having lots of fun discovering how unfit and uncoordinated I can be.
But already feeling inspired to play-on, improve my fitness, lose some weight, and save $$$ by not wasting money on a gym membership I’d never use…


…I’m dripping sweat, this game is absolutely amazing for both fun and fitness…


…This is an extremely fun full-body workout. Unlike Beat Saber, PowerBeats works your legs and core more, as it makes you duck, dodge, and quickly jump from side to side as you punch the targets…


Absolutely thumbs up. Just started my pre-summer VR boot camp: PowerBeatsVR + Thrill of the Fight = VR Fitness-Hell !


…PowerBeats is the perfect example of why I bought into VR as exercise. With the auto beat mapper playing my own music I don’t get bored instead I have to watch the clock…


Start Playing

PowerBeatsVR is available on SteamOculus RiftViveport, and Humble for all major PCVR headsets.
NEW: Also available for the Oculus Quest 1 & 2 (soon-to-be Meta Quest 1&2).

VR arcades can get it on SpringboardVR and SynthesisVR.

Please note, that the game requires a play area of at least 6’6” x 4’11” (2 x 1.5m) for the best experience.


Punch, move, squat, sidestep, and dodge obstacles in ways you haven’t done in VR before. 
The more you move and the stronger you hit, the higher your score.

PowerBeatsVR transforms exercise into an engaging and rewarding experience that has you sweating in no time at all.

Punch, move, squat, sidestep, and dodge obstacles in ways you haven’t done in VR before. The more you move and the stronger you hit, the higher your score.

PowerBeatsVR transforms exercise into an engaging and rewarding experience that has you sweating in no time at all.

Unlimited workouts

Choose between 24 official songs (covering a wide variety of music genres) and over 50 professionally designed workouts with leaderboards, play with your own music using the auto-generator (MP3, OGG, WAV, and FLAC support), or get creative with the integrated VR editor.

Playlists for Tailored Sessions

Create your own playlists for extended and personalized workouts. Use the endurance mode to play without any rest between songs or try the endless mode until exhaustion. Mix official workouts with generated ones, or your own.

Immersive Environments

Set the scene for your workouts with four beautiful environments: Choose from Sky, Desert, Medieval, and Space. Experience true immersion, stay focused, and forget that you are actually working out.

Various Playstyles

With four weapons to choose from, you’ll be able to play each workout in different ways. Start with your fists and unlock further weapons as you play.

For Any Skill & Fitness Level

Work your way up and become fit in the process, or directly launch the Expert mode and handle an insane amount of targets and obstacles. PowerBeatsVR will empower you to push further without even realizing it.

Personalized & Tailored to You

The game adapts all workouts to your own height – whether you are 3ft (1m) or 7.2ft (2.2m) tall, you will get the same effective workout as everyone else!

Accurate Tracking & Fitness Metrics

Check your training duration, squats, and calories you have burnt over time. Receive real-time metrics and performance summaries that push you further. And set your own daily goals to stay motivated day by day.

Heart Rate Monitoring Support*

Check your heart rate in-game with our unique integration of ANT+ and Bluetooth HRMs. Click here for more details about recommended HRMs and how to connect them with PowerBeatsVR.

(*except on Oculus Quest/Meta Quest platform)

Highly Adjustable

Having knee problems? Deactivate obstacles that are too demanding. Want to maximize the challenge? Just select one of the modifiers or increase your in-game playspace from 6’6” (2m) up to 9’10” (3m). And that’s not all…

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What Are You Waiting For?

Increase your energy, lose weight, sharpen your reflexes, train agility and strength, and become healthier and fit!

No more boring gym exercises, no more treadmills. Just you and an enjoyable VR fitness experience.

You can find even more images and information in our official Press Kit.