Welcome to Five Mind Creations

We are an independent game studio based in Munich, Germany. Our Mission: To create fully immersive experiences for Virtual Reality (VR), combining our passion for games and game development with emerging technologies and sports.

We have been at the forefront of VR since day one. Our VR escape game “EscapeVR: The Basement” was one of the first of its kind and was the first one in an IMAX VR Arcade. Since then, we have been looking for new ways to use this amazing technology. And this is where the idea for PowerBeatsVR was born: an adrenaline-pumping, rhythm-based VR fitness app.

With our VR fitness app PowerBeatsVR, we want to actively shape the fitness space and help people have more fun while working out and getting healthier and fitter.

Get in Touch

You can reach us by joining the PowerBeatsVR community on Discord and chatting there with us, or by writing an email to:

Also feel free to visit our website www.fivemindcreations.com for further information.

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