Not Sure if It's a Fit?

To be clear, PowerBeatsVR isn’t your average workout app – it’s not for everyone!

It’s not for those who are all about chart-topping built-in music and scripted trainer visuals and are willing to pay $120-250 per year for that kind of app.

But For Those of You Who ...

… want to be the boss of your workout routine and get full control, PowerBeatsVR is the answer!

Not only can you use professionally designed workouts to built-in music, but you can also jam out to your own favorite songs and use the workout generator whenever the mood strikes.

Plus, if you’re feeling especially creative, PowerBeatsVR’s intuitive editor lets you make custom workouts tailored to you, your loved ones, or even your clients.

This app offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility that other apps don’t give their users – all without any subscription.

Now Better?