New Update: "No Double Balls" & "No Streams Modifier + Editor Improvements

February 28, 2022

Dear community,

we’ve just released another update that addresses some of your most pressing requests in the form of some new modifiers:

  • “No Double Balls”: You prefer a more boxing-style workout with no double punches? There is a modifier for that, now.
  • “No Streams”: You want to convert streams into balls to up your workouts even more? We’ve added a modifier for that, too.

You can find both modifiers in the new Modifier tab of the GAMEPLAY panel next to our environments and weapons. Besides that, we’ve made some more improvements:

Performance Improvements:

  • Significantly sped up the leaderboard loading

Editor Improvements:

  • Added visualization to pattern selection
  • Added handle for free menu placement
  • Added highlighting to the selected range
  • Added waveform to the vertical slider
  • Added “Clear All”, “Clear Range”, “Clear Stream” buttons
  • Removed some dialogs after copying or pasting patterns
  • Fixed non-deletable stream fragments

By the way, a fantastic new way of building your own workouts is coming soon. It will make workout creation a breeze.
So, stay tuned 😀

Now enjoy the update, and thanks for all your valuable feedback and incredible support. You rock!!!

Speaking of feedback, feel free to share further feedback in our Discord channel, vote on user requests on our feedback board, or add your own ideas there.

Thank you all,
the devs

PowerBeatsVR - High-Intensity VR Fitness App - February 2022 Update