New Update: Live Workout Creator & Custom Environments Now Available

February 28, 2022

Dear community,

we have exciting news: PowerBeatsVR just got another major update that features:

  • the new Live Workout Creator that makes building your own workouts a breeze
  • and custom environments (as our first DLC/add-on) for countless training surroundings.

Besides that, we’ve implemented a live squat counter, optimized the performance and some existing workouts, fixed some bugs, and improved the built-in screenshot feature, so you can share your awesome stats even better.

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Now back to the Live Workout Creator, which is another new feature of the improved in-game editor: You basically move and box to your music and the editor builds the according layout automatically. Using that feature, workout creation has never been easier in any VR fitness app!

As you all know, we are ambitious about giving you the power to customize your workouts exactly to your needs. The “Custom Environments” DLC/add-on takes this customizability to the next level: Once you have it, you have access to 8 beautiful built-in skybox environments and the option to use your own skybox/360° panorama/photosphere files as additional workout environments. You can find a myriad of those files online and also create your own panorama images with Google Street View or a 360° camera. There are now virtually no limits on where you are going to work out in VR!

Enjoy the update, and thanks for all your valuable feedback, incredible support, and enthusiasm! Speaking of feedback, feel free to share further feedback in our Discord channel, vote on user requests on our feedback board, or add your own ideas there.

And as always, reviews are much appreciated, and would make our day as they help us a lot <3

Thank you all,
the devs