The 2-Week Spring Workout Challenge
with PowerBeatsVR

For any skill and fitness level

The 2-Week Spring Workout Challenge with PowerBeatsVR

For Any skill and fitness level

The challenge has ended officially on March 12. If you have missed it, you can of course still do it for yourself or wait for the next challenge to happen.

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Challenge yourself and tone up for spring

Spring season is coming, and it’s time to prepare. Soon we can strip off those extra winter layers. 

What better way to kick off with a 2-week PowerBeatsVR challenge, that will get your body out of winter hibernation mode, torches calories, and fires up your upper arms, shoulders, abs, glutes, and quads – all within your own pace.*

Here are the basics (detailed instructions further below): 

  • On the first day, you will assess your current fitness level with a self-chosen song that’s slightly above your comfort level. A screenshot of the resulting score will be the baseline for the challenge.
  • Day 2-13 are for improving your skills and reflexes, and training your entire body with intense burst sessions of PowerBeatsVR following a certain progression (minimally recommended session duration per day: 15 min).
  • On day 14, you will try the same song you’ve chosen on day 1 with exactly the same settings for two more rounds and see the impact of the previous workouts.

How To Join the Challenge

Everyone can join, and you can start anywhere between February 12 and 26. 

For participating officially and being listed later on as a “Finisher” in our hall of fame, we need you to send us your results (screenshots of your score on days 1 and 14) or post them in our Discord channel: #challenges. We will take those screenshots to calculate your percentage increase of the total score and list that progress later here on this page.

Of course, you can also do that challenge just for yourself at any time.

We would love to see you posting about your participation and showing your results on social media. Use the hashtag #PowerBeatsVRSpringChallenge, so we can see it. This will also help you to stay accountable.

Some Further Tips

  1. High-intensity workouts (HIT) like you can do with PowerBeatsVR raise your metabolism and help to torch fat throughout the day. To get the maximum benefit, try to do your intense workout sessions early during the day.
  2. As you are probably going to push yourself during the entire challenge, we recommend at least a five-minute warm-up before each HIT workout session: Dynamic stretches, jumping jacks, and walking high knees will get your blood flowing and yourself ready for what’s coming.
  3. Once you’ve started with the challenge, make it easy for you to stick with it. Put a note on your refrigerator or set a daily reminder on your smartphone.
  4. But, most importantly: Have fun!

Ready to Build a Stronger Body?

Great! Then, it’s time to push yourself to new limits! 

Day 1: The Baseline

On day 1, we are going to assess your current fitness level: Choose an official song with a certain difficulty level (and modifiers) that is currently slightly above your comfort level. Play that song once and give your best! Until day 14, you aren’t allowed to choose that song again.

Take a screenshot of your score by either using the built-in screenshot function of your headset or clicking on the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the end screen. This is your baseline for the challenge, and screenshot #1. Click here to see where those screenshots are being stored. 

Send us that screenshot, or publish it in our Discord or on social media with the hashtag #PowerBeatsVRSpringChallenge before February 26 for attending that challenge officially.

Screenshot Platz 2 Rhulyon 377062

Day 2-13: Turning Into a Boulder-Smashing Machine

During the next 12 days, you are going to exercise at least 15 min daily with PowerBeatsVR on a high-intensity level. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to use official or local songs for those workouts, but always try to choose a setting and a difficulty that challenges you each day and pushes you further.

Whenever you feel you’re just phoning it on or aren’t making any serious gains, try to up the ante. Select a different song that has been too challenging before, increase the difficulty level for the same song, or use one of our modifiers that you can find in OPTIONS/GAME: “Super Speed”, “Smaller Balls”, or “100% Power Balls” are great ways to increase the challenge.

Day 14: Time To Reap the Benefits

You have come to day 14 and have surely made great progress during the two weeks before. Now, it’s time to give it all and see the impact of your previous work: Choose the same song that you have tried on day 1 with exactly the same settings and play it for two more rounds. Double-check your modifiers, so you don’t end up exercising with the wrong settings. Beat your previous score and make screenshots of the new score.

You want to be officially listed as a “Finisher” in our hall of fame? Then send us your best day 14 screenshot to contact@fivemindcreations, or post it in our Discord channel #challenges in addition to your previous day 1 result.

You've Finished the Challenge, What Now?

Nice! You committed to something and got it done, that’s fantastic!

Let’s keep it going. According to Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it only needs 21 days to form a new habit. So, keep the momentum you’ve built up and make regular HIT workouts one of your new habits – you’ve earned it!

Thanks for joining, and see you on the next challenge!

Bonus Tip

As the saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. We all have them, but diet will make them visible or invisible. If you want to step up and also optimize your diet, try the Slow-Carb Diet.

* Please consult your doctor before embarking on a new exercise regime.

Any Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, join us in Discord (https://discord.gg/powerbeatsvr) and ask one of the devs, reach out to us via Facebook or simply send us a mail to contact@fivemindcreations.com.

Hall of Fame

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