PowerBeatsVR Is now Available on the Official Meta Quest Store

February 09, 2023

Dear community, it’s done! 

We are thrilled to announce today’s official release of PowerBeatsVR on the Meta Quest store after a successful run on App Lab for over a year! Thanks to all of you <3

The launch also comes with a new update that features a heavily polished version with better onboarding, tutorials, improved usability, new languages, and an enhanced generator for your own music. With more to come in the next few months …

Existing owners of the App Lab version automatically get free access to the main store release, keep all their settings, statistics, and achievements, and can start PowerBeatsVR as usual!

All others can grab the official Meta Quest version here: 

By the way, the launch also comes with a 40% sale for a few days. So, it’s the perfect time to recommend PowerBeatsVR to your friends and family.

We hope this release will make PowerBeatsVR even more accessible for people looking for an effective and enjoyable workout without any subscription and that it will help many people in becoming fit or fitter, getting in shape, or staying there.

Enjoy the official Meta Quest release, and thank you all for making this happen. You are awesome!

By the way, reviews are much appreciated and would certainly help us in getting the word out <3

Thank you so much,
the devs

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our feedback board where you can submit ideas, vote on requests, and see what’s in development. Feel free, to contribute.

And for all of you who are interested in the new update, attached is the complete list of changes and improvements:

Improved On-Boarding:

  • Added Tutorial Demo Stage to introduce the game mechanics to new users
  • Added Feature Tour to introduce the main features to new users

New Features:

  • Added new Generator Input UI – With the first of our “Generator 2.0” updates we provide a new user interface that gives users even more freedom to choose their specific playstyle with a very clear and precise input structure
  • Added additional languages: Chinese (Traditional), Thai, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish


  • “Mute” button has been switched
  • Text on start screen has been reduced

Other Improvements:

  • Added additional scroll option by joystick
  • Added highlighting to main features (Playlists / Modifiers / …)
  • Added “Reset” button for Option Panel
  • Added help screen for Local File Browser
  • Improved Usability & Visuals of main menu and song editor